6 foot 9 inch Blair Wiggins Flats Blue Inshore Slam Rod by Wright & McGill

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Capt. Blair Wiggins shows us the specs of his 6′ 9″ Flats Blue rod by Wright & McGill and how much power these inshore rods have. GET MORE INFO: http://www.w…


Jerry Davis says:

Hey Blair i love the show and am planning on getting on of the s-curve rods this week. I wade for trout and redfish and love fighting fish with light tackle, but still need a rod that can cast my light lures out pretty far. im stuck between the 6’9, 7’2, and 7’6 flats pink. i was wondering what you think would be the best rod for my situation? thanks

dilldill20001 says:

Blair im fishing in florida i fish for bass and some like snook anywhere from 20 inches to 30 would this 6 9 be good for me

TheKenjondoe says:


TheKenjondoe says:

Hey I notice you mention your fishing at mosquito lagoon in one section of the video, I live in south daytona Florida and I was wonder how good is the fishing there from land because I don’t have a boat and its almost a hour drive there but I hear some good stories about the fishing there.

Cych Cycycyl says:


Addictive Fishing says:

7’6″ Flats Blue Inshore rod

Cych Cycycyl says:

If I’m a fresh water fisherman looking to catch about mid sized pike and bass which size rod should I go with?

Donovan Leach says:

Oh gotcha, sorry.

Addictive Fishing says:

5000 series or above with 7’6″ Flats Blue offshore spinning rod.

Addictive Fishing says:

it was part of a public playlist.

Paxon McGee says:

nice I got an s glass rick clunn baitcaster rod (7’0) with a abu garcia silver max

Jason hernandez says:

How are there comments from 2 weeks ago!? Didnt this video just come out?

remelsheikh says:

I already have a rod for that reel. Im trying to purchase a whole new combo for inshore tarpon fishing off the pier and beaches.

Donovan Leach says:

With the 4000, get the 7 9 or 8 ft

jonathan56382 says:

Blair I’d like to fish mackerel and cud what size would you recemond

remelsheikh says:

SUCKS!!! I heard there was a promotion where if you buy a flats blue rod, you get a free sabalos reel. I am looking to buy a heavy rod and reel for inshore tarpon. I already have a 4000 size sabalos reel. What size reel and rod would be ideal? THanks

CircaEmerge says:

Do a video on the 7’6! :)

TheBlackLotusKing says:

Can you guys please ask Wright & McGill to make an inshore series of rods with fast action tips and with just a plain look to it? Im not a big fan of the ocean blue color.

Addictive Fishing says:

try Amazon.com for Blair Wiggins Flats Blue rods.

songs5000 says:

Is there any way that u can ship to Asia

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