Crab Hunting in Mississippi

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Crab Fishing


Misty Olen says:

It was in Ocean Springs, Mississippi years back in 2007.

Preston Everett says:

Where were yall starting at :22? Would love to take my 3 year old son crabbing.

asfunk99 says:

hes trying keep trying guy!!!! yaaaaaaaaaa he got it!!!!!!! XD

thebassfisher911 says:

i love me some artic blue crab legs from the casinos down in mississippi

tommymancing says:

wow,ilike crab

Kirsty Laxer says:

lol i went crab fishing and all i cauth were shrimp and cat fish

ally Wilmot says:

pick it up with your hands

Misty Olen says:

Thanks for the comment!

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