Fishing Bait : What Bait to Use When Saltwater Fishing

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When saltwater fishing, artificial baits can be used, but the best bait is locally caught shrimp. Find out how to use jerk bait to catch saltwater fish with advice from the owner of a tackle shop in this free video on fishing bait. Expert: Larry Mastry Bio: Larry Mastry and his brother Dale own Mastry’s Tackle, a fixture in St. Petersburg, Fla., and together they have a half of a century’s experience in fishing. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


Steven Dykes says:

Im going down to st.petersburg over Christmas and i fish alllll the time up in Minnesota. unfortunately i dont have a clue how to fish down in FL would you be willing to give me a few pointers on how to catch some good fish when im down there and id be willing to buy all of the stuff from your store.

svenske71 says:

larry master ? masterbait

lonnell18 says:

Omg thank u!

themin91 says:

wow new information thank for your tribution. is there a college majopr called fishing or fishing bait

craig712030009 says:

Very informative for me. Thank you!

andrewleedoggmail says:

I use store bought shrimp and it works GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

TheSuperDrummyDude50 says:

wow….. that was so dumb that it made my day

TheQuite1walksalone says:

Good Video, Larry!

vullrath says:

I use doa shrimp… I get bites galore but nothing ever hooks… :( pier fishing in florida

thanos pol says:


awesome bait!!!! You can get on

2MaProDucTioNz says:

Nothing better than using good old fashion arti”fish”al lures. Get it…. “artifishal” instead of “artificial.” XD

monkeyology1 says:

he is so streets ahead

victor trevino says:

no 2 people cant catch fish lol

TheJezzababy says:

the 3rd bait he showed was the one i used today and i caught a pike with it

Mohammad Halabi says:

holy cow more than sixteen thousand videos

Mohammad Halabi says:

u can get it from a super market in the fish section those are dead but i dont know about live ones u can get shrimp or krill i prefer krill better and cheaper

rhey simon says:

The rush!

chebri guice says:

I live in Kuwait but I will go to my hometown Florida where is a good place to fish

mtacosherbert says:

where can i get saltwater shrimp
also my uncle baught some and he caught a shark with it good advice
be he cant remember what store to get it from

TheRonny305 says:

2 ppls dont believe in baits…

vaseline02 says:

U work in mastrys?!?!?

halo3mongooseftw says:

looks like chevy chases native american brother

dfg297lpopdirk says:

Look i know there are lots and lots of newbies out there BUT
this is really fishing for morons

creamtt says:

All these adverts are getting to be a pain on here.

pkman4u says:

Great information! Big Thanks! My 8 year old son caught a 36 inch, 18 pound Redfish, inshore at St. Augustine last week.

redmond424 says:

Good info. here, but check out the video on the Collapse-A-Trap If you want to catch live saltwater bait fish, this is the trap for you… My 5 year old uses it and it even fits in your tackle box!

bravo4848484 says:

I guess sick minds work together! Have a good one.


thats funny. i thought i created that joke, i didn’t know anyone else knew it.

dukcaboose says:

my favorite part of fishing is getting nibbles and bites..

feels great having something tugging on the other end of the line

CommanderUTube says:

A fisherman’s delight is the catch. But the joy is in the baiting and waiting.

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