How to Rig a Popping Cork For Redfish & Trout

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Here is a tutorial on how to rig a popping cork for redfish and trout. The popping cork is an extremely effective and simple technique to catch fish. The too…


jawauncobb says:

Hey how you are doing could you use a different cork such as a staoform corks

Joshua Taylor says:

Hello 2342makaveli, you pop the cork and then let it sit a few seconds and then repeat.

2342makaveli says:

I’ve been wanting to use one but haven’t because I’m just unsure… my msin question is do u leave it out there or real it in like u would without the cork

Joshua Taylor says:

Hello Liam, I am personally not familiar with Kiawah Island. From my experience, your best bet is to talk to the locals once you arrive, keep your rigs simple and match the food source which is abundant in that area. That is pretty much the formula for success wherever you decided to venture to. Let us know how you do.

Joshua Taylor says:

Live bait is a great alternative. You can use a popping cork to draw attention to almost any lure or baitfish.

Jordan Elliott says:

Very productive way of catching redfish in Virginia I perfect live bunker under the cork though.

liam tobin says:

great video i will be going to Kiawah Island and i fish on Long Island so i will have no idea what to fish with could you tell me some tips and techniqes to fish Kiawah’s inshore waters

Joshua Taylor says:

Thanks Matt

Matt Chris says:

Great video!

Joshua Taylor says:

Hello Santiago, I would start with 2.5 foot of leader. The sound will draw the fish to the lure.

Santiago Ruiz says:

How long the leader for this set should be to maximize strikes and caught fish. I usually fish Ponce Inlet New Smyrna area and water depth is between 2-5 feet.

Joshua Taylor says:

Thanks, I am glad you liked it!

Tacklecraft69 says:

Great rig and tips

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