Rigging for Redfish how to Rig and Catch Redfish

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No sure where to catch Redfish? Redfish Fishing Area info: www.gafishingspots.com Redfish Rigging Tutorial for Coastal Georgia. This redfish rigging how to video works in direct conjunction with GPS HOT SPOTS of the Georgia Coast by Capt. Richie Lott. You can purchase Redfish GPS spots or GPS Numbers and coordinates for Redfish from http


gafishingspots says:

It can break the leader, but most cases the knot does not cause any issues. It’s a personal preference whether to use the knot, or go without it. If you’re fishing for very large fish, I wouldn’t do it.

wwepatriot1 says:

The knot in the mono can cause it to break on big fish?

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