Surf Fishing Texas – how to rig for and catch bull redfish

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Close – iPhone app where anglers share their catches. Pro Team member Mullethead showshow to catch big bull reds in the surf. (surfside, galve…


cruzc187 says:

What beach are they on?

kb5zcr says:

Great vid, I love PINS.

LunkerRepellant says:

@glm75844 ah so when you’re setting it in the rod holder and tightening the line it sets? The few times I’ve been surf fishing I’d do quick, hard “sweeps” to the side with the rod tip down. Like people do when snagging fish. Sometimes I’d bring the bait back in just trying to set the weight!

glm75844 says:

@lunkerrepellant you want to pull the line tight and set the reel with some line tension, this keeps the the claws of the weight buried in the sand. As your setting this slight tension, you’ll feel the weight grip the sand. When a fish picks is up, the recoil helps set the hook.

LunkerRepellant says:

Do you have to do any “setting” of the spider weight?

glm75844 says:

@teamgafftop713 never have, keep them simple and less things fail

Chris Skinner says:

Did you use a shock leader at all or just strait line?

enrique flores says:

hey man can u make a video on how u make ur rig ?

glm75844 says:

Sounds like a great plan

Darius Cox says:

I’m from Texas too I’m waiting for march when the reds start to school. I might skip school on my bday and go

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